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Elisa Kits

We offers both monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies from various species with broad applications. Over the last decade, we are promoting branded antibodies include Cusabio , Cellbiolab , Sunlong , DBC Canada & Titer-Mimic™ starting Rs.4200/-. Many of them are well cited for the high specificity and affinity. we are making continuous efforts to develop high quality primary antibody on the market.
We offers above thousands of ELISA kits in immunometric assay formats starting Rs. 7800/-. These kits allow specific, quantitative measurements of disease-related proteins, including cytokines, chemokines and signaling targets.
Antibodies pairs validated for ELISA and/or Luminex are also offered. Selected and developed from Cusabio & cellbiolab antibody collection, these ELISA/Luminex antibodies undergo a multi-step validation process that optimizes antibody performance to generate the great results for your ELISA and/or Luminex application.


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