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Lysergol is an ergot alkaloid which when used in combination with antibiotic nalidixic acid, can effectively inhibit Escherichia coli. It also maintains the potential to act on the 5-HT1/2 receptors and at α1-adrenergic receptors thus acting as a neuropsychiatric drug.

Lysergol belongs to the ergoline family as an alkaloid. It appears as a minor constituent in certain species of fungi. When used in addition to antibiotic nalidixic acid, lysergol efficiently inhibits Escherichia coli. As a potential cas no 602-85-7 Lysergol suppliers, we aim to provide lysergol as an intermediate in some ergoloid medicines. Lysergol is easily synthesizable using a tandem reaction. This, further, helps to construct the piperidine skeleton. Biochain offers high-quality Lysergol with the help of our renowned manufacturers/ suppliers and a great team of professional exporters. Customer’s requirement for strict regulatory compliance regarding products is our topmost priority.

Since Lysergol is ideal for use as a hypotensive, intestine-stimulating drug, we aim to deliver the finest quality possible. For meeting the client’s requirements regarding the quality standards of Lysergol and in the shortest possible time, Biochain has become a quality  lysergol supplier in India