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Secondary Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies

Secondaries antibodies are a type of antibodies that bind indirectly with antigens through the binding with primary antibodies to assist in detection, sorting, and purification of target antigens. Compared with primary antibodies, Secondary antibodies are more sensitive and flexible in labeling and detection. So they are usually used to detect and visualize the presence of a primary antibody in multiple applications.

Product Features

Biochain secondary antibodies are one of the most popular products in Biochain product list. Here are their features.

  • High sensitivity and flexibility. They can be used with any primary antibody of the same isotype and target species, making it a more versatile reagent than individually labeled primary antibodies.
  • Multiple applications. They can be used in many applications including Immunopurification, ELISA, Western blotting, Immunohistochemistry, Cell-based assays and Flow cytometry.
  • Extensive and reliable data references. Except for the data that Biochain provides, you can find the relate data reference in lots of articles published in prestigious journals.
  • Reasonable prices. Biochain has formed an efficient management system after years of research. So the cost of the secondary antibodies can be controlled without compromising on the quality. If you’ve done some work on the market, you will find it out.
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