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Elisa Kits

We offers thousands of ELISA kits starting Rs. 7800/-. These kits allow specific, quantitative measurements of disease-related proteins, including cytokines, chemokines and signaling targets.
Antibodies pairs validated for ELISA and/or Luminex are also offered. Selected and developed from Cusabio & cellbiolab antibody collection, these ELISA/Luminex antibodies undergo a multi-step validation process that optimizes antibody performance to generate the great results for your ELISA and/or Luminex application.
ELISA Kits are the top-notch solutions for quick, accurate and convenient detection of targets in samples. Because of their excellent advantage, ELISA kits find their usage in innumerable research areas, including cell biology, epigenetics, immunology and neuroscience. Biochain ranks among the best CUSABIO ELISA kit providers in India because we offer tons of these kits beginning with INR. 7,800. Our kits are highly specialized for the quantitative measurement of disease-related proteins. Identification of cytokines, chemokines as well as signalling targets becomes fairly easy with our team of committed professionals.

The ELISA workflow is quite typical. We, at Biochain, focus on delivering high-quality optimized ELISA kits that accelerate the process of measuring target-specific proteins. Our clients hold the pride of using our ELISA kits and other products with confidence, reliability and consistency. The top-notch Elisa kits suppliers in India also offer antibodies paired with other biological research products. 

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