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Polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal Antibodies

All antibody forms (polyclonal, hybridoma-based monoclonal and recombinant monoclonal) have advantages and disadvantages for development, validation and use. It depends on your project. Polyclonal antibodies are ideal reagents in assay-specific target discovery and detection. They display multi-epitope binding properties which make these reagents ideally suited for many applications. The clonal and biophysical diversity of polyclonal antibodies allows for greater sensitivity and utility in certain types of applications. And Biochain’s polyclonal antibodies should be on your reagents list.

Product Features

Biochain polyclonal antibodies are all prepared with recombinant protein or native protein. Compared with peptide antibodies, affinity and specificity is superior. Moreover, there're more recognition of antigenic sites and have a much wider range of applications. Antibodies purified by affinity chromatography possess high purity.

As to quality control, Biochain proves the antibodies sensitivity and discriminating on natural proteins by rigorous ELISA test, and verify their specificity by Western blot test. It turns out that Biochain polyclonal antibodies have a broader scope of application and they a powerful tool for scientific research.

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